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The New Generation

I’m sitting in my lounge having breakfast and coffee and a good giggle.  My 54-year-old mother is asking my 8-year-old daughter to help her on Pinterest …. She doesn’t know how to create boards and how to pin things to a board.  She’s been talking about Pinterest for a month or two, telling me all the fantastic things she’s seen and found … Now I’m wondering what exactly she was doing all this time on Pinterest …?? lol

The parents

The parents

Then there’s my dad who used to write e-mails to his friends in one long paragraph with barely any punctuation, until he was shown the ‘Enter’ button …. It still takes him the whole night to send an e-mail of a 100 words or less, but at least he’s getting better in some areas.

Then there’s my daughter who is far more pc literate than my folks.  She can insert pics and tables in docs, create files, surf the net, and of course get around on Pinterest.  Youngsters find it so much easier to learn technology!  But is it because they’ve already adapted and have the correct mindset for the new things? or is it because they’re not afraid of looking stupid / making mistakes and asking questions?  If my dad had asked earlier, he would have known about the enter button a lot sooner, and my mom could have been pinning all the nice things she’d found on Pinterest if she’d asked questions ….

It seems that the older generation may be falling behind simply from not asking the necessary questions.  That is so sad!  I never want to stop learning and asking questions!  (Future me … if you’re reading this, I hope it serves as a reminder …)

So to all of you reading this, never forget to …. LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH & LEARN !!!

Til next time … XoXo


Writing Tricks

Hi again!

Amy's new journal

Amy’s new journal

We went shopping today and after spending far more than I should have, I saw a lovely children’s journal all pretty and pink and I couldn’t resist!  I suddenly remembered / concocted a good reason for it too … writing practice for Amy!  She’s already written twice in it and hasn’t cottoned on to the fact yet, that she’s doing handwriting and story writing practice. Yayyy!

This is the last thing in a long list of attempts to improve her handwriting … but the things that have worked for us?

(1) Starting over with learning the correct way to form her letters, and she earns a Smartie for each line she writes;

MAPretorius_24(2) I’ve incorporated lapbooks into our curriculum and she doesn’t seem to mind writing in short bursts like that;

(3) I bought her glitter pens in lovely colours;

(4) a cute little shopping pad I bought that she fills in after checking our cupboards to see what’s missing;

(5) and now the journal.

MAPretorius_2013-04-05_0378_1What is awesome about the journal writing is that she’s practicing her story writing skills at the same time.  She loves to read and be read to, but the writing thing has me pulling my hair out!  But since starting these things, I’ve seen a major improvement, so onward and upward we go.

And she is so proud of her journal!  She couldn’t wait to show it off, and her writing too of course 🙂


Til next time … XoXo

Easter Weekend

The Day Before Easter Morning

Our masterpieces

Our masterpieces

Seeing that it was Easter and we’re learning all about it, I decided we would try our hands at dyeing a few eggs.  After surfing the net, I came up with the general idea of mixing a glass of water with about 5 drops of food colouring and a teaspoon of vinegar.  This supposedly gives you normal dyed eggs.  Adding a bit of oil apparently gives a marbled effect on the egg.  We tried this process with half a dozen eggs, after we emptied them of their innards (which in itself was a fun experience … no accidents or big mess thankfully).  For some reason, we found that the red was the most effective colour and gave the best results.

This is the product of our afternoon … We learnt about mixing colours and their meaning, what the oil does to the whole process, and how to make sure the colouring didn’t get on anything besides the egg lol.  Oh, and our best results came from dumping the colouring directly onto the egg and leaving it for a few minutes.  I still want us to do more to the eggs as they feel a little unfinished … Maybe decorate them and hang them for Christmas.

MAPretorius_4The Night Before Easter Morning

I went to bed at about 2 am after making clues for Amy’s Easter Egg Hunt (took a little longer than I thought).  Found the idea at the Happy Home Fairy.  Hid the eggs just before 2 am and crawled to bed  …

Easter Morning!!!

Amy absolutely LOVED the Easter Egg Hunt!!!  The excitement at 5:30 on Easter Morning must have been heard by the whole street!  I had her running up and down the house … brushing her teeth … and giving her granny some love (changed some of the wording to suit).

The Easter Bunny was also overly generous this year … bad Bunny!  Far too much sugar for a little girl!

Before ...MAPretorius_12


We made little Easter goodie bags too, with varying ingredients according to everybody’s dietary requirements (which is a lot more complicated than you would think in my family).  In the perfect goodie bag there were little easter eggs, jelly beans and we discussed the meaning of the colours (Jelly Bean Prayer), some pretzels and a little chick or bunny marshmallow.



Oh, and we finished our Easter lapbook today … YAY!!!

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter!  Til next time … XoXo

Hello World

So I’m starting a blog to document our lives … This includes anything and everything relating to myself, my daughter and our pets. So I’ll keep this post short and sweet and leave it to just saying “Hi!”.