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Amy's new journal

Amy’s new journal

We went shopping today and after spending far more than I should have, I saw a lovely children’s journal all pretty and pink and I couldn’t resist!  I suddenly remembered / concocted a good reason for it too … writing practice for Amy!  She’s already written twice in it and hasn’t cottoned on to the fact yet, that she’s doing handwriting and story writing practice. Yayyy!

This is the last thing in a long list of attempts to improve her handwriting … but the things that have worked for us?

(1) Starting over with learning the correct way to form her letters, and she earns a Smartie for each line she writes;

MAPretorius_24(2) I’ve incorporated lapbooks into our curriculum and she doesn’t seem to mind writing in short bursts like that;

(3) I bought her glitter pens in lovely colours;

(4) a cute little shopping pad I bought that she fills in after checking our cupboards to see what’s missing;

(5) and now the journal.

MAPretorius_2013-04-05_0378_1What is awesome about the journal writing is that she’s practicing her story writing skills at the same time.  She loves to read and be read to, but the writing thing has me pulling my hair out!  But since starting these things, I’ve seen a major improvement, so onward and upward we go.

And she is so proud of her journal!  She couldn’t wait to show it off, and her writing too of course 🙂


Til next time … XoXo


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