The New Generation

I’m sitting in my lounge having breakfast and coffee and a good giggle.  My 54-year-old mother is asking my 8-year-old daughter to help her on Pinterest …. She doesn’t know how to create boards and how to pin things to a board.  She’s been talking about Pinterest for a month or two, telling me all the fantastic things she’s seen and found … Now I’m wondering what exactly she was doing all this time on Pinterest …?? lol

The parents

The parents

Then there’s my dad who used to write e-mails to his friends in one long paragraph with barely any punctuation, until he was shown the ‘Enter’ button …. It still takes him the whole night to send an e-mail of a 100 words or less, but at least he’s getting better in some areas.

Then there’s my daughter who is far more pc literate than my folks.  She can insert pics and tables in docs, create files, surf the net, and of course get around on Pinterest.  Youngsters find it so much easier to learn technology!  But is it because they’ve already adapted and have the correct mindset for the new things? or is it because they’re not afraid of looking stupid / making mistakes and asking questions?  If my dad had asked earlier, he would have known about the enter button a lot sooner, and my mom could have been pinning all the nice things she’d found on Pinterest if she’d asked questions ….

It seems that the older generation may be falling behind simply from not asking the necessary questions.  That is so sad!  I never want to stop learning and asking questions!  (Future me … if you’re reading this, I hope it serves as a reminder …)

So to all of you reading this, never forget to …. LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH & LEARN !!!

Til next time … XoXo


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