Cute idea alert!


Childmade Christmas placemats

Here’s a cute idea we did a few years ago … Christmas placemats. All you’ll need is cardboard, glue, decorative things such as glitter /  glitter glue, stickers, etc, laminator and some of your child’s artwork (the more abstract the better).

Let your child have messy fun with finger paint / poster paint.  We used an A4 size piece of paper.  She made handprints and splotches of colour everywhere.  After it dried we cut the page a little smaller and stuck it to a piece of red cardboard, which I cut with my super fancy zig-zag scissors.  Amy them decorated the page with stars and squircles and leaves and glitter glue.  And after getting thoroughly messy and having a good afternoon we let the pages get dry overnight.


Back of placemat

In the meantime, I got onto my pc and printed out a message with a pic of her and the date to glue to the back of the page.  The next morning we laminated the pages and we had gorgeous, festive Christmas placemats.

Looking at these, I can’t believe how fast time goes.  We made these 5 years ago!  The pic of her and the date on the back makes it extra special to me.  Beautiful memories.


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