Glow Kids

Glow Kids, Port Elizabeth, 2013

Glow Kids, Port Elizabeth, 2013

My daughter and I partook in the first Glow Run in South Africa, the Glow Kids in Port Elizabeth.  It was amazing!!!  We had a blast … good music, lots of colour, fun outfits and neon everywhere (I felt like I was revisiting my childhood lol).  (I also walked the Glow Run the next night and had so much fun … again)

Both nights it rained.  We looked like drowned rats.  But we were drowned rats having fun!


So we had to dress up for this event.  We both agreed on tutus.  I bought different colours in tulle and ribbon.  We followed a pattern from the internet, How to Make a No Sew Tutu (or Google ‘no sew tutu’ … there’s so many).  I was interested to learn that the knot we did was called a Lark’s Head Knot or Cow Hitch, so we actually learnt something useful from this bit of fun.

I made one for myself and was going to make my daughter’s next, but she insisted she wanted to do it all on her own.  I was not allowed to touch it.  And, if I do say so myself, my girl did an awesome job doing all the knots by herself.


So, to put it simply:

1.  Cut a thick-ish ribbon about the size of your waist plush 10 – 15 cm each side to tie the tutu.
2.  Measure the tulle to the length you want it and double it, add about another 2 cm to allow for the knot (we measure the length of the strips to fall mid-thigh).  Roll the tulle and cut the tulle in varying widths from 5 to 10 cm (the thinner lengths make for a fluffier puffier tutu – we did different widths).
3.  Tie the tulle strips and ribbon using the Lark’s Head Knot.
4.  The more strips used the more the tutu stands out (fuller).

The end result … beautiful!

When searching on the internet and Pinterest, I saw many variations of this, and also how the colours used affect the feel and look of it.  My next one will be a black one, maybe even slightly longer …

The only other words of wisdom I have, is have fun!


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