2017 already

I have the best of intentions, but apparently the worst follow through … I haven’t touched this blog since the end of 2014 (can that be right???).  A lot has changed since the last post.  My child is suddenly 3 years older, tall, and growing curves in all the right places (I think I need to invest in a tower to keep her in until she’s 40 lol).  We have sadly lost 4 pets, but have gained 5.  We now have my beautiful Daisy-Boo (the only remaining from 3 years ago), 3 little kittens (turned 5 months old today), and two rescue puppies from our local SPCA (one is ± 7 months old and the other is under a year).  I will introduce them all soon.

We took our puppies for their first socialization and training this afternoon.  It was extremely hot up until then.  Suddenly the wind picked up and by the time we got home it was storming.  Only recently finished.  That’s 7.5 hours of thunder and lightning and it was very, very frightening!!!  I have an “irrational fear” of lightning, or so I’m told.  Quite frankly, I think it’s a very rational fear.  Storms are scary.  Storms can kill.  So I’ll continue shaking in my bed under the duvet in the dark whenever there’s a storm until the day that they invent a tablet to combat fear.  So after all that I don’t feel very sleepy (even though it’s technically an hour passed a new day).  Everyone else is asleep, including all the animals (phew!), so I have nobody to talk to and I get verbal diarrhea after a headache or storm disappears (I think it has something to do with the relief).  So I’m getting it out of my system here …. sorry! 😉

Anyway, I feel a coffee thirst coming on so I’m going to end it here.

I’ll be back … hopefully 😀


From L to R: Rogers, Daisy-Boo, Marble, and Josie


Lexi (the little dachshund cross) and Carly (her breed is Cute)



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